St Teresa’s Catholic Church

Newbury Park. Ilford. Essex. IG2 7JA

Registered Charity No 234092

Supporting Your Church

                                                DONATION METHODS

Please continue to support your church during these challenging times recognising that there are still bills to be paid regardless of whether the church is open for public services or not? You can do this either by

                                            GIFT AID YOUR DONATION

Gift Aid is a method, approved by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC), of substantially increasing the value of your offerings at absolutely no cost or inconvenience to you. Your donations are whatever you feel you can afford and need not be a fixed commitment. Whatever you give is gratefully received as your personal support to the Parish. Gift Aid can be applied to all your donations whether regular or occasional and you can stop, start or vary what you pay whenever you decide; and no one will ‘chase’ you for money. For FAQs, please click here. To download a Gift Aid Declaration Form click here.